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Primary & Secondary Services


Initial Consultation

The initial meeting or discussion between the client and the architect or construction team to understand the project requirements, goals, and constraints. It allows for an exchange of information and establishes the foundation for the project.


Architectural Solutions


The phase where the architect or designer gathers information about the project site, analyzes the client's needs, conducts research, and evaluates any existing conditions. This phase sets the stage for the design process.

Building Design

The process of creating and developing the overall design of a building, considering factors such as aesthetics, functionality, structural integrity, and compliance with building codes and regulations.

Schematic Design

The initial conceptual design stage where the architect or designer creates rough sketches or drawings that explore different design options and spatial relationships. These sketches illustrate the overall project layout, form, and function.

Design Development

The phase where the schematic design is further refined and developed into more detailed drawings and plans. This phase includes the selection of materials, systems, and other design elements, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

Creative, Artistic & Technological Design

Creative, artistic, and technological design refers to the process of integrating innovative and aesthetically pleasing elements into the design of a project. It involves considering artistic concepts, incorporating unique design features, and leveraging advanced technologies to create visually appealing and functionally efficient spaces. This approach combines creativity, artistic vision, and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the overall design quality and user experience.

Permitting Solutions

Obtaining Building Permits and Variances

The process of securing the necessary approvals and permits from local authorities or governing bodies to begin construction. Variances may be required when a project deviates from certain zoning or building code regulations.


The process of obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from relevant government agencies or authorities to commence construction or development activities. This includes submitting applications, providing documentation, and meeting specific requirements.

Compliance & Contracting Solutions

Code Analysis

Evaluating the project design and construction documents to ensure compliance with local building codes, zoning regulations, fire safety requirements, accessibility standards, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Bidding/Contract Negotiation

The process of soliciting bids from contractors or subcontractors for the construction project based on the construction documents. Contract negotiation involves reviewing and finalizing the terms, conditions, and scope of work with the selected contractor.


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Administrative Solutions

Construction Contract Administration

The ongoing management and oversight of the construction project by the architect or construction manager. This includes monitoring progress, reviewing compliance with contract documents, and addressing any issues that arise during construction.

Construction Documents

Detailed and comprehensive drawings, specifications, and other documentation prepared by the architect or designer. These documents provide the necessary instructions for contractors to execute the construction accurately and include dimensions, materials, finishes, and other construction details.

Contractor Selection/Construction Administration Assistance

Assisting the client in selecting qualified contractors or subcontractors for the construction project. This includes evaluating bids, assessing qualifications, and recommending suitable contractors. Construction administration assistance involves providing support and oversight during the construction phase to ensure that the project is executed according to the plans and specifications.

Reports & Studies

Energy-Efficiency Assessments

Assessing and analyzing the energy usage and efficiency of a building or project. This includes evaluating the building envelope, insulation, HVAC systems, lighting, and other factors to identify opportunities for energy savings and sustainability.

Feasibility Study with Cost Estimating

Conducting a comprehensive study to assess the viability and financial feasibility of a project. This includes analyzing the costs, potential returns, and risks associated with the project, often accompanied by detailed cost estimating to determine budgetary requirements.

Facility/Building Analysis | Existing Conditions Report

Assessing and evaluating the existing conditions of a building or facility, including its structural integrity, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and overall performance. An existing conditions report provides an overview of the building's current state and identifies any deficiencies or areas for improvement.

Planning Solutions

Space Planning

The process of organizing and arranging interior spaces to meet functional and operational needs. This involves determining optimal layouts, circulation paths, and allocation of spaces to ensure efficient and effective use of the available area.

Site Planning

The process of analyzing and designing the layout of a project site, taking into consideration factors such as topography, access, utilities, zoning requirements, landscaping, and environmental considerations.


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